With state of the art equipment.


Our Zero is really zero, no traces of nicotine in it.


Private label? Production according to your recipe? Ask us.

Welcome! You are in the right place.

Since 2011 we are producers of e-liquids and nicotine bases for the vaping industry.
Starting as a one man show we now have a team of dedicated people who want to serve your needs!

All Liquids are manufactured in a cleanroom environment using the most modern laboratory equipment .
Every batch is certified, every single ingredient is tested before we even think about using it.

Every single key touch is protocolled and from every batch we keep a sample
for over 2 years.

We fill our products and label them as your needs are. Private Label? No problem.

Do you have own recipes? We will produce your liquids exactly as you want, of course with protocolls and totally transparent.
Do you want nicotine bases with a ratio that suits your needs? We can do that!

Our Services

Modern Laboratory

We use modern equipment to insure that your product is exactly what you expect. An example for this is our peristaltic filling system that insures that we do not have to deal with cross contamination

Security due to customised software

Every work step is safe! Our laboratory software is one of the most sophisticated in the market and will complain if the result is not in the pharma range of 5% from target. It is not only used for our recipes but also saves every keystroke of our employees. In the end this means the production is totally transparent!

Rocket science

No, of course not. We realize that you can blend and fill your liquids in your kitchen. But if you sell them commercially, you should be sure everything is done the proper way. We provide security from raw material to label.

Modern organized

We recognized early the waste of time in usual daily business using a telephone. That is why since 2011 we communicate asynchronously with our customers. This is easily possible because we offer the tools to place an order in a touch-and-feel way. And if there are issues: you can reach us 24/7/365 through mail, ticketsystem, facebook, whatsapp.

Business partners

We are seeking long-term business partners which are interested in solving problems together and which are open to invent new ways. We will offer you a team of experts, regardless if it has to do with regulations, msds datasheets or certificates. Producing a liquid or nicotine base is more than only putting it in bottles, much more!

Visit on location

Since we propagate that we are transparent, we decided that our laboratory has to be free-sight, like you know from modern restaurants. We were one of the very first to show how we work, and everyone who visits our plant will be able to see it with his own eyes. You are welcome to!

Build your project on a solid foundation!

Some of our clients

Words from Clients

  • Wie so oft in unserer Branche begann der Kontakt zu hisVape als Kunde. Mit vollster Zufriedenheit über Qualität und Geschmack wurde diese Firma unser Favorit. Nach unserer Firmengründung lag der Entscheid- welche Liquidmarke nehmen wir ins Programm- auf der Hand, frei nach dem Motto: „never change a winning team“! …. und was soll ich sagen…. Wir sind noch immer stolz darauf Partner von hisVape zu sein! Seit 3 Jahren auf Erfolgskurs und unsere Kunden geben uns recht, die richtige Entscheidung getroffen zu haben.

    ThomasWien -
  • Depuis sa création en 2012, Notre société C Vap était à la recherche d’e-liquides de qualité, Apres avoir goûter des e-liquides de France, Etats-Unis, Angleterre , Italie et autres pays . Notre choix s’est porté sur hisVape. Ces entrepreneurs nous ont permis de répondre à notre marché en développant des gouts adaptés, des saveurs inédites et uniques et d’apposer nos étiquettes. Nous rajoutons que le système de commande est très performant et que hisVape a toujours été à notre écoute. Aujourd hui, nos clients nous prouvent par leurs fidélités que notre choix a été le bon!

    Carole & CedricCVap, Paris
  • I have been ordering from Hisvape for over 2 years and would highly recommend the amazing quality of the nicotine in all strengths and the concentrated flavours. I am even more impressed with customer service which is second to none. In an age of many companies forgeting the customer to concentrate on profit, Paul and his staff out perform in this area. I would urge any one who needs nicotine or flavouring to buy from Hisvape. 5 Stars.

  • Z hisVape poslovno sodelujem že 2 leti, saj sem prodajalec elektronskih cigaret in e-tekočin. hisVape je nedvomno eden tistih redkih biserov, ki bi lahko bil vzor vsem ostalim. Njihova podpora je naravnost odlična. Na vsako vprašanje odgovorijo izjemno hitro in kvalitetno. So prilagodljivi in marljivi. Znajo ti prisluhniti in upoštevati ter realizirati skorajda vsako željo ne glede na to, kako velika stranka si. Tretirajo in obnašajo se do tebe, kot da bi bil edini s katerim poslujejo. Poleg vsega tega imajo tudi odličen sistem, tako za prodajo na drobno kot tudi na debelo. Ocena 10 je za hisVape enostavno premalo.

  • "Współpracuję z firmą VAPE od kilku lat, przez ten czas przekonałem się, że profesjonalizm i dbałość o klienta są w tej firmie na najwyższym poziomie. Bazy nikotynowe i aromaty cechują się, od lat, stałą, najwyższą jakością, co znajduje swoje odbicie w zadowoleniu moich klientów. VAPE to wiarygodny i rzetelny dostawca, którego mogę polecić."