Peristaltic Filling System Briefly Explained

For the filling process of our liquids we use a peristaltic filling system. This system is already known in medicine where it is widely used in the treatment of kindey dysfunction.

It has many advantages. It is a closed system which is easy to clean and avoids cross contamination, a pollution through other substances like leftovers of nicotine. Other companies that use the conventional pumping system therefore often need to refer to the possibility of traces of allergic substances on their products like “can contain traces of nuts”.

For each liquid we produce, two different hoses are used: one for liquids with nicotine and one for liquids without. That is why we can guarantee that no nicotine will be found in our zero liquids and that no differences in taste through residuals of aromas will occur.

From the beginning, we aimed for a bullet-proof system to make sure our liquids are 100% as they are supposed to be.


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