No more 72mg/ml nicotine bases

Since mai 2105 the new GHS/CLP – Global harmonized system is a fact in Europe. Up to that date it was allowed to sell high-dosed nicotine bases, but since the new GHS/CLP is legal in all european states, everything is different now.

Products have to be scaled into categories according to a ATE/Mix calculation (Acute toxic estimates).

We use the lowest LD50 value (Rabbit) ever published (50mg/kg) which will categorize nicotine bases higher as 50mg/ml into category 3 (Lethal).

We could discuss why publications of tests show a LD50 value of 140mg/kg and the fact that there was no lethal dose whatsoever *)
which is totally plausible because nicotine is very difficult to enter through the skin (thats why the nicotine pads are not working!).

If we would take 140mg/kg as a LD50 value for Rabbit we will get an ATE/Mix value of 1944 and with that the base would be at the end of CAT 4 which means no pictogramm or lethal riscs.

(* Source: O.Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil. Bernd Mayer et al.)

But things are a bit different. We got our information from a well-known and respected expert who explained us that since there is already
a published value of nicotine as a lethal fluid in the EU and since this already has been categorized with 50mg/kg, we will have to stick to that or
prosecute against this to get rid of these values.

So a nicotine base with 72mg/ml has to be labeled with the new CLP Symbol SKULL and with that it is forbidden by law (in Germany) to sell
such fluids online. Offline would be possible if the person who is selling has the right papers, but still even then you have a lot of work to manage
to even sell one item.

So we decided to stop the sales of nicotine bases with doses higher than 48mg/ml.

We sure hope that this whole issue will someday be totally different but as long as we pick 6 billion dollars of sales from that pharmaceutical industry (the ones which are totally without any moral) we can imagine that this is a impossible fight.


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